"Spectacular and conceptual with heartfelt, kind intentions."

- Buzzmusic

"Jasper and Jade create a groovy atmosphere with dynamic original music"

- Michelle Morrow, Uncork the Mic


Jasper & Jade thrive with an ambition to create music that transcends genre and time. Rooted from a coastal inspired tone and farm to table style of composition, they’ve coalesced a distinct and heart-warming sound. A musical spectrum that will ebb and flow through expressive blues leads, raw Americana rhythms and soulful harmonies that harbor soothing jazz undertones elevated with a psychedelic and lively cadence. The band showcases an energetic and engaging live performance that’s sure to have you grooving along and craving more.


Between recording ‘The Artist’ EP at The Sauce Pot in 2018 and completing production of their debut full length album ‘The Fool’s Truth’ last year, Jasper & Jade has begun to shake the ground. Their song “Boneman” was prized at the 2019 New Times Music Awards. They’ve been featured in reviews from Buzz Music, Uncork the Mic, and The Sun. With radio play and interviews on Krush 92.5 and KPIG 94.9, The band has set the stage to captivate music lovers from the central coast of California and beyond. ​

Each song tells a unique story that induces a different feeling and allows the listener to identify with it in their own way. Each member of Jasper & Jade imprints a personal and emotional contribution to every tune. Ernest Pierce (the poet) is the rhythm guitarist, pianist, the scribe and lyricist. Joe Baltazar (the physician) is the percussionist, the life, blood, bones and heartbeat of the music. Joel Krause (the farmer) is the bassist, the earth shaker and groove maker. Sam Flood (the scientist) is the lead guitarist, backup vocalist, the experimenter and mind expander. Madeline Flood (the magician) is the lead vocalist, spellbinder, the messenger and the truth. With feel good grooves, euphonic melodies and evocative lyrics, Jasper & Jade are changing the perception of what music really is.

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